Mountain bike trails are the foundation to the sport of mountain biking. Without great single track we would be stuck riding fire roads. There are many groups that get out there and maintain the trails we ride. We should support and help out when we can. Some of the groups are TAMBA (Tahoe Area Mountain Biking Association), Biggest Little Trail Stewardship, Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship and Bike Carson. Each of these groups need your help, that can come in the form of money or time. Biggest Little Trail Stewardship is holding a fundraiser on March 31st, Trails and Ales at 7pm. This is a great time to meet other avid mountain bikers and help support the trail building and repair that will be needed after a major winter like we just had. Sierra Buttes is holding a $5 per foot Santa Cruz bike giveaway. Here you get to donate and have a chance at winning a new Santa Cruz Bike.

We are holding our AC Classic event at Sky Tavern on April 1st 2017 this is a first run on Bike and second run on ski or snowboard event where the money goes towards Sky Tavern and other local bike parks. Come on out and have some fun and laughs at ourselves. Costumes earn bonus points!! We will have representatives from several different manufactures (Pivot Cycles, Salomon, Dynastar, Five Ten, and Giro) that will have some product to demo or see what is the latest and greatest.

If the trail that you are interested in riding on is wet and you are leaving foot prints you should consider not riding that day, wait till it drys out. If we abuse the trails it means that we will have more work to repair that trail. Which takes away time and money from building new trails. Each of the different groups has plans for many new trails and we only have a limited amount of time and money to get projects finished.

Please consider giving back to one or more of the many great associations in the area that you ride.

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