This week I had big plans to get outside and ride… Not! Just like anything else you need to make time to ride. While I have good success at working on my core, which is something that I can do at 9 pm each night. My daughter and I are still doing our situps each day. We started by doing 25 and increasing it until I reached 74 yesterday. I never thought I could ever make it to 74 situps. Going for a ride requires a little more planning and some cooperation from mother nature. I am even worse than a fair weather rider, I am a shop owner who doesn’t make time for the sport which he loves.

The plan for this week is to ride with the Tuesday Night Ride Group. This will be my first time to ride with the group. I have heard some really great things about this group and am excited to get out and ride with them. The weather forecast calls for another great night. We’ll stage out of the softball fields, and ride Evans on up Peavine. If you go please be gentle in the mud and try not to worsen ruts and washout areas. 5:30 p.m. ride time.

I spent some time watching videos on YouTube about the Enduro World Series, this week’s stop was in Tasmania Australia. Just watching the different course preview videos has gotten me excited to get out and ride. Many of these trails look like it would be something that I would love to take a vacation and go check them out for myself.

Travel and mountain biking

On another note, how many people travel with your bike? Is it better to travel with your bike or rent one at your destination? I can see pros and cons to each method. On the plus side having a bike you know and love can make any trail fun. Renting a bike can allow you to ride a caliber bike that you could not normally afford. I personally have done both and it really depends on the location as to which method I choose.

For instance, I went to Southern California and rented a bike down there as I did not figure there would be any good mountain biking, I was wrong we got in some great rides with views of the ocean to boot. Then there was the trip to Moab where I brought my own bike, there I wished that I had brought a different bike. My bike at that time was a 4″ travel 29er. I wanted to ride an enduro bike with a little more travel. Not that it was a bad ride but I think I would have had more fun on a contemporary bike with a longer top tube, shorter chainstays and lower bottom bracket. Both trips were fun but very different.

If you are planning a trip, do some homework and see if the bike you have is good for that area or would you have more fun renting a different bike. This year the IMBA world summit was in Arkansas. I would not have thought this would be a great mountain bike destination but after seeing the videos I am intrigued and ready to give the trails a shot. I may just rent a bike there if I go.

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