It is that time of year again, we haven’t even finished this ski season and next year’s equipment is out for testing by industry personnel. We have to make decisions on which gear to buy for next season and what we think you as the consumer will like. We spend many days at trade fairs and demos looking at and testing new products. We just got back from a demo at Mount Bachelor we spent 2 days in various conditions from rain to snow trying the different models. While some of the different products had not changed some had made some radical improvements and others not so much. We are constantly looking for the newest and hottest items for the next season. We have a great idea of what most people will like and we try to test those items to see if they live up to our expectations.

How does a consumer decide on which gear to get for yourself?? Try it says the sales person, where do you go? Most shops only have a limited selection of demo gear, we are working on getting a large selection of models for you to demo, from different manufactures. That way you can actually try before you buy. Once we have our demo fleet next year we will be holding public demo days so you can try the skis and boards for a reduced fee. They will be posted on our events page and on social media to keep you informed.

The other way to find out what ski to buy would be to read reviews from different websites. The site that we recommend is on that site you will see reviews of the different models. The test crew is from many different shops all around the country and the data is compiled into an easy to read format. A ski that is great on the east coast may not perform as well on the west coast. We have different snow conditions and types of terrain, so you will see different categories on the site to help you make an educated decision.

When you go out and test gear there are some things you should look at and some ways you should test that ski or board. The video gives some ideas on how to test a ski, this can also be applied to snowboards as well. We suggest that you go and ride as many different skis or boards that you can and then read some reviews to see if what you are feeling and what has been said about that product line up. We can have a good idea of how you ski and what type of ski you will like but only you can really tell if you like that type of ski or board. Something else to consider is how the ski or board is tuned. Not all skis and boards are ready to go from the factory. Most equipment needs some type of tuning to get it in the optimal shape to be ridden. So if the ski you purchased does not ride the same it may be how it was tuned. Come on in and we can get that ski or board into shape.


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