These are some of the ways to ensure that you have a great time when you rent ski or snowboard rental equipment.

  1. Arrive early, give yourself the most amount of time to get your gear and head out onto the hill. If your shop has online reservations take advantage of that system. It will save you data entry time at the very least. Shops in town are usually the least expensive and have greater flexibility. Try the small guys first, you will get a great value and save you time on the hill for skiing not standing in line.
  2. Boot fit is the most important thing to get correct. If your boots don’t fit well you will have a bad day on the hill. The correct fit for a ski boot is that the boot should be snug like a firm handshake. It should grip you everywhere and not have any movement, your toes should hit the end when you stand straight upright. Your toes will pull away from the front when you are in the correct skiing position, knees bent and in an athletic stance. If you are not comfortable do not size up too much. You drastically compromise performance when you don’t ensure good comfort and fit.
  3. Where only 1 pair of socks. The boot will provide the warmth, the socks should be thin and moisture wicking. Avoid cotton socks, ankle socks, and multiple pairs of socks. I promise—three socks will not keep your feet warmer. An extra pair of socks adds additional layers that are not needed and can add wrinkles that can cut off blood supply to your feet making them even colder.
  4. Do not add heat packs to the inside of the boots. It makes it very uncomfortable and most people forget to take it out when they are done.  Imagine being the next renter and you put your foot into a boot with something inside. It is not a fun feeling and not fun for the rental tech.
  5. I would recommend putting in a foot bed to ensure that your foot is stabilized and does not wiggle around.  Pronation is the number one cause of painful boots; it causes pressure points, blisters, and bruises.
  6. If you are a frequent renter then invest in boots. With your own boots, you will have the best day on the hill and you can try out different skis. Boots can last for many years and is a great investment if you like to ski or snowboard.
  7. Be honest with your tech, give them your correct weight, height, age, and skiing ability. This information is critical for setting up your bindings and to help to minimize the chance of injuries. Most people are a type 2 skier, the type of skier that you are indicates how you are going to ski not how good a skier you are. Even as expert skier there are some days that I am skiing at a type 1 level, especially if I am on the bunny hill teaching.
  8. Rent a helmet! This sport is about slipping and sliding down a hill at high rates of speed. It is always a good idea to protect your head. If you don’t like the idea of renting a helmet then buy a helmet, they are priced from as low as $29.95, it is worth every penny. I didn’t start wearing a helmet until I had kids. I made my kids wear a helmet and to avoid a battle I started wearing one. Now I feel weird not wearing one.
  9. If it has been a while since you last skied let the tech decide what length ski to give you. We have drastically shortend the lengths of skis that we ski on. In the past we skied on 200cm skis and longer now a ski length is in the 160-175cm range. Don’t worry you will still be able to go fast but now you will have much more controll.
  10. You will need to invest in ski clothing. At the least, you’ll need a warm ski jacket and snow pants, gloves, a layer of long underwear, warm socks and goggles. The following is a list of what you will need to wear:Gloves
    Hat or helmet liner
    Long underwear
    Ski socks
    Ski pants and jacket
    Turtleneck and sweater or fleece

    When you’re starting out, you won’t need to buy high-end clothing, but, do make sure that it’s warm and waterproof.

  11. Have Fun you are on vacation!!

One thought on “Ski and Snowboard Rental Tips”

  1. I like what you said about being honest with the rental service, and telling them your correct weight, height, age, and skiing ability. If you don’t have the appropriate sized equipment when you go snowboarding, it can make it rather difficult to maneuver. You wouldn’t want to ruin your day on the slopes just because you weren’t honest about your experience or height. Thanks for the read.

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