Week 2 on the road to Sea Otter

There is a saying that if you repeat something enough it becomes a habit. “On average, it takes more than 2 months before a new behavior becomes automatic — 66 days to be exact.” This weeks journey had me increasing the number of sit-ups this week and adding other abdominal exercises. I wanted to get out and put some miles on the bike but with the AC Classic on Saturday and changing the shop into bike mode, I ran out of time. But with the shop switch, it had me moving several hundred pairs of boots and skis. This was like doing hundreds of arm presses for several days. This was my other form of exercise for the week.

The one thing with trying to make a habit it motivates others to join in. My wife started small with some sit-ups this week as well.  For her, it is baby steps, but anything to keep you moving is a good thing. We have a new puppy and it has us walking every day, which is our little cardio.

What I did realize is that I also signed up to ride sweep for the Carson City Epic. That is coming up on June 16-18th 2017. If you did not check out last year’s event, you should go. This is held downtown Carson City. It has many different events over the three days. So this fitness habit I am forming will help out.

AC Classic

On Saturday, April 1st we had our inaugural Alternating Courses event at Sky Tavern. We had several great companies show up and support the event,  The Bark HouseSalomon, Five Ten, Kali Protectives, Rocky Mountain Bikes, Pivot Cycles, 100%, Dynastar, Flex Appeal, Clif Bars, Giro, and K2. The money raised went to Sky Tavern Ski and Bike park. We had over a dozen people signup and compete in our dual format event. The first run was on a bike and the second run was on ski and snowboard. At the end, the contestants wanted to do a best trick contest. After, we opened the course to kids at Sky Tavern. We announced their names on the “PA” system and the kids had a blast going down the course. They loved hearing their name announced.

1st place – Morgan Peckenham

2nd place – Forrest McMullen

3rd place – Joel Guasch

Next year I would like to see more people come out and have some fun. It was a beautiful day in the sun and snow.

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