The 2018 Sea Otter Classic did not disappoint, it was bigger and better than last year. According to the official page, there were

  • 78,000 fans – attracts all ages & levels (beginner to experts).
  • 9,600 athletes – draws top cycling talent from across the globe.
  • 8,000 campers – passionate about the outdoors.
  • 900 brands – cycling’s top brands consider Sea Otter a ‘must attend’ event.
  • 500 exhibitors – key venue for industry networking.
  • 375 int’l journalists – offers unparalleled media exposure.

This is the one event everyone needs to attend! In a previous post, I mentioned how I was preparing to race the Enduro at Sea Otter. This Enduro is most likely the easiest event to enter, I was told there were 750 people registered for it. In my category, there were 131 people. It was only split up by age 40-49. I spent the 9 weeks before on the trainer for 40 minutes a day. Last year I only did sit-ups and no trainer rides. I had no real time on the bike before my race last year. My one and only practice lap was all that I had. I would spend my time on the trainer watching YouTube videos and pretend I was riding those trails. My practice was not exactly the same as being outside and riding but better than nothing.

My goal for this year was to do better than last year. Last year I was 85th out of 92, in the same age group. So by the numbers, I was 1 place better however, there were 39 more people racing this year. Strava is a wonderful tool, according to Strava I set a personal record on almost every segment. By the official results, I was a full minute faster. So goal accomplished!

But how did I feel? I felt faster, my setup was much better. I put a new tire on the front of the bike adjusted my cockpit to fit me better. By adjusting the cockpit of my bike it allowed me to descend faster and with more confidence. This is something we can help you with at the shop.

The kicker was that I started to mildly cramp up before stage 2. It was nowhere as bad as last year but it started to twitch and it had me worried that I might repeat last year. I made a mistake and only used the “Fluid Performance” drink that they had at the bottom of every stage. I am not sure if it was watered down or just not effective, but I need to find something to work for me.

As for the rest of the event, my son Joel had 2 top 10 finishes.  A 7th in the Downhill race and a 9th in the Dual Slalom. We both had a good weekend of racing.

I spent the rest of the time checking out the new products for the shop and seeing what is new in the industry. There is nothing like going to an event where everyone is stoked on the same thing.  Check out our YouTube Channel to see the latest videos from there. Please like and subscribe to the channel to help us grow and produce more content that you will like. Keep following the blog to see the new products that we learned about at the Sea Otter Classic!

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