When you are mountain biking, there are some items that you need in order to be safe and to prepared for anything that the trail can throw at you. Here are the items that we bring with us on the trail.

  1. Water and Snacks

It is necessary to have water and snacks when on the trail. Staying hydrated and eating snacks are very important. We love to take snacks like granola bars or something sugary to keep your energy up. Some of our favorite ways to take water with us are in a squeezable water bottle or a hydration pack inside a backpack. The hydration backpack can hold the other items that you are going to need on the trail. We suggest having a separate water bottle with electrolytes mixed in. This will help keep you energized for the long day in the field.

  1. First Aid Kit

Having a first aid kit is important to keep because you never know what could happen. There have been multiple times on the trail where a first aid kit was extremely useful for myself or others on the trail. Our first aid kit consists of a lot of band-aids, super glue, ibuprofen, first aid & burn cream, tweezers, gauze, and antiseptic towelettes. Carry enough first aid supplies to help you when you need it but not too much that it weighs you down. Carry some cash as well because you never know when it will come in handy.

  1. Repair Kit

The most common problem on the trail is getting a flat tire. When you are far from your car, you will need several ways to try to keep air in the tire to get you going again. We carry a repair kit that includes CO2, CO2 inflator, multi-tool, patch kit, tire boot, a tire plug kit, and an extra tube. We use the CO2 to blow up the tubes if the tube gets low on air or to fill the new tube up with air. Carry a 27.5-inch tube because it can help you or someone else finish riding the trail. A 27.5-inch tube is useful because it can help almost everyone on the trail. It can be stretched to fit in a 29-inch tire or squeezed in a 26-inch tire. Use the extra tube if there is a hole too big to fix with a tire boot or the tire plug kit.

  1. Map or Trail Apps

Carrying a map or a fully charged smartphone that has a map on it is important to keep you on the trail. Some of our favorite apps are Strava, Trail Forks, and MTB Project. Strava is a great app to see what trails other people are riding. We use Trail Forks and MTB Project to look up trails that are in certain areas and when we are biking, we use them to make sure we’re on the right trail.

Final Thoughts

These are the items that we keep with us when mountain biking in order to be prepared for everything. Each mountain biker is different and it may not be necessary for you to have all of these items but these are the items we have to keep us safe and having fun!

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