Bike Shop service items

Below is a short list of the different services that we offer, come on in for an accurate quote.

Tune Ups Builds
Minor Tune  $  50 Box Bike for Shipping (includes box and supplies)  $  70
Basic Tune  $  85 Build Bike from Box  $125
Complete Tune  $155 Custom Pro Build  $250
Overhaul  $275
Adjust Rim Brake and/or Install Brake Pads  $  12 Adjust Front Deraileur  $  14
Adjust Disc Brake and/or Install Pads  $  20 Adjust Rear Deraileur  $  12
Bleed Disc Brake (Per Side)  $  30 Install STI Road Shifters (Pair)  $  70
Install Hydrailic Disc Brake  $  30 Install Mountain Shifters (Pair)  $  50
Install Brake Cable  $  15 Install Drivetrain and Shifter Upgrade  $125
Overhaul Adjustable Bottom Bracket  $  30 Fork Overhaul including Shock Oil  $100
Measure and Install Chain  $  12 Overhaul Air Canister on Rear Shock  $  60
Install Tube and Tire w/ Wheel  $  10 Adjust Headset  $  10
Tubless Sealant Refill  $     8 Overhaul Headset  $  35
Set up Tubeless System (Per Wheel)  $  25 Install Headset  $  35
Overhaul Front Hub  $  20 Cut Mountain Bike Handlebars  $  20
Overhaul Rear Hub  $  25 Install Mountain Bike Handlebars  $  25
True Wheel  $  18 Install Road Bike Handlebars  $  50
Custom Wheel Build  $  70 Install Handlebar Tape  $  20
Install Wireless Computer  $  18
Install Rear Rack  $  22
Install Fenders  $  25

Free Bike Pick-Up

If you need to get your bike worked on but can’t make it to the shop. Call us and we will pick-up your bike, for free.

Minor Tune-Up $50.00
Recommended for bikes that are already in decent shape and need some minor attention for that weekend ride. Service includes:

  • Brake adjustment
  • Shifter and derailleur adjustment
  • Lubrication of cables and housing and drivetrain
  • Safety check on all hardware and accessories

Basic Tune-Up $85.00
TWO FREE within first year of a new bike purchase through Loyalty Program
Recommended for when your whole bike needs extra attention. Includes all Basic Tune-Up services plus:

  • Precision wheel truing and hub adjustments
  • Shifter and derailleur adjustments
  • Front and rear brake adjustments
  • Bottom bracket adjustment
  • Headset adjustment
  • Lubrication of cables and pivot points
  • Lubrication of drivetrain
  • Light frame and wheel cleaning

Complete Tune-Up $155.00
Includes a Basic Tune-Up with detailed drivetrain cleaning and labor for the installation of cables, housing, and bar tape or grips

  • Removal of drivetrain for detailed cleaning
  • Free installation of cables and housing (internal cable charges may apply)
  • Free installation of any drivetrain component

Overhaul $275.00
*Suspension components extra

  • Complete disassembly of bike down to the bare frame
  • Headset, hubs, and bottom bracket overhauled
  • Full detail cleaning and polish of the frame and all components
  • Free installation of any new parts