We have a selection of Bikes available for rent for Burning Man.

Bicycle travel is the most practical way to get around. The Playa isn’t like a soft sandy beach. Black Rock City sits on a fine dusty soil that packs hard and smooth after just a little bit of rain. It is more akin to a well-trodden dirt road and it makes for a surprisingly good cycling surface.

How it works
• Reserve your Burning Man bike online.
• Claim your bike at our store Slopestyle Sports, 11331 S. Virginia St. #4, Reno, NV 89511
• Use the bike for the week
• When you are done return it to the shop.

What kinds of bikes do you rent?
We have a mix of beach cruisers, hybrids, and mountain bikes. When you arrive, you’ll choose from our selection.

Can I pay for the bike online?
No, but you can reserve a bike.

Pick it up at your store?
Yes, that is the preferred method.

What happens if my bike is stolen?
If your bike is stolen, you owe us the rental fee, plus the replacement cost (Approximately $250).

Do you deliver bikes to the Playa?
No, we are in Reno and a short distance from the airport, near many different RV rental companies.

Rentals start at $100 for the event and go on up from there. Call the shop to reserve your bike. 775-686-6696

Directions – Google Map