Learning to mountain bike can be intimidating. But just like anything else, you have to start somewhere. To get used to mountain biking, start on some easy to moderate trails. Don’t be afraid to look like a total beginner because everyone out there has been in your shoes. The whole point of mountain biking is to have fun! Get your bike, get your gear, and get on the trail.

The apps/websites we use to find trails on are TrailForks.com, All Trails, and Strava. These are some of the easy to moderate mountain biking trails that we recommend to beginners in Reno-Tahoe.

Mountain bike at the bottom of Callahan Trail aka Lower Galena Creek Trail

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  1.  Lower Galena Creek Trail aka Callahan Trail 

When I started mountain biking, my first trail was Callahan trail. It’s a pretty steady climb all the way up and a fun ride down on the way back to your car. There are a few spots where beginners are probably going to want to walk your bike because it can sometimes get a little technical. Overall this is a great trail for beginners because it gives you a taste of mountain biking.

2. Sky Tavern

Sky Tavern Bike Park has a great little trail that can help you get used to the higher elevation in Reno-Tahoe. This is a slow ride up with fun flow trail down. The total ride is about a mile all the way around. You start in the parking lot and ride up the road, turn right onto the first dirt road and ride up about half a mile. The road up can feel steep especially if you are not used to riding at that high of an elevation, don’t be afraid to walk up if you need to. The key to riding up is to get your bike into the lowest gear and just keep pedaling. Be sure to pull off to the side to take water breaks when riding up if necessary. Then make a right at the first trail entrance to start the flow trail. The trail ends right by the parking lot. Near the parking lot is a fun little pump track.

Mountain Bike at the bottom of Clear Creek Trail

3. Clear Creek Trail

This trail is in Carson City but it is a good ride to get used to riding single track. The first little bit is uphill but after that, it starts to get more interesting. This trail, like most trails, the downhill part is my favorite. I loved that after going uphill in the beginning, you get to end the ride with a fun downhill section. Since this trail is an out and back, you can go as far as you want out then turn back. This may not be the trail for your first ever mountain bike ride but it’s good for maybe your third or fourth ride once you’ve got the hang of mountain biking, especially at higher elevations.  


Have fun mountain biking and we’ll see you on the trails!


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