Today is the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. It is the perfect time to get out on your bike and ride. When was the last time you had your bike tuned up? Has it been over a year? If so, I would suggest that you get your bike into riding condition. Take advantage of the perfect weather and get some fresh air. It is no fun to ride a bike that is not in great shape. Yearly maintenance can help keep your bike in great shape for many years. We offer different levels of tunes depending on the needs of your bike. If the bike has been left outside all winter it may require more maintenance to keep you going. While a bike that has been kept indoors may require only air in the tires. Bring in your bike and we can let you know what it will cost for your bike to get into great shape.

By tuning up your bike we can help improve your shifting, braking and make sure that all the bearings are set up correctly. If things get left alone for too long they will wear out and cost more to replace. Having a bike that is in good shape will make it more enjoyable to ride and help make you want to ride more often. You would be surprised on what a change can be made with a simple tune up.  Get rid of that clicking sound that drives you crazy or that flat tire that is preventing you from riding.

If you have a high-end mountain bike the major suspension manufacturers recommend that you have the seals replaced in your fork or shock at least yearly if you ride once a week. We have a chart with the service recommendations here on our site, to read more about the different service needs click on this link.  This is relatively a quick procedure, but if it has not been done in a long time parts can be broken internally and cost more to fix and repair. Let us do that annual service and keep you running smoothly.

Get out and enjoy the outdoors with a bike that is in great shape.

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