This year the road to Sea Otter has me training differently than last year. I started last year doing sit-ups and not much cardio training. My main goal for last year was to not finish in the last place,  which I did accomplish. The ride was not too difficult but my cardio was not great. I had leg cramps halfway into the second stage. It was a painful way to start the season. I persevered and finished the race.

So this year I am doing more cardio, I have been on the trainer 5 days a week. You can follow my progress on Strava. Current Training I have been at it for 3 weeks now. I have also included some weight training to strengthen my upper body. Now I am no bodybuilder but my goal for this year is to finish in the top half of my age group. Hopefully, my training isn’t too late and I can get into decent shape before the event.

I have found that training for an event is motivation to get up and get on the bike. There are many great events coming up in the area. Such as the Enduro World Series, the California Enduro Series, and our many regional events.

Sea Otter is the best way to start the cycling season, if you are not going you are missing out on a great event. Even if you are not going, get out on your bike or the trainer and keep moving.


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