Get your season rentals here. We have many items for season rentals, this is a great option if you are new to the sport or if you have a child that is growing. Let us fit them for the correct size equipment. When they need a new size come in and we will exchange that piece at no additional charge. This way they can have a great time on the slopes with equipment that fits. All equipment must be returned by the end of the ski season around April 15th. If the equipment is not returned your credit card will be charged for the deposit amount of $300. Demo equipment is not available for season rentals.

Season Rentals do not come with ski poles, we do offer them additionally for rent at $20 per pair for the season.

Season Rental
Youth Season Rentals (up to 130cm)
Ski or Snowboard Only  $        70
Boots only  $        40
Ski or Snowboard Package  $      100
Adult Season Rentals
Ski or Snowboard Only  $        80
Boots only  $        70
Ski or Snowboard Package  $      150